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Security, negotiation and crisis management expertise

SJ International Group has been formed to provide leading security, negotiation and crisis management expertise

Corporate solutions

We facilitate security, training and response services for some of the worlds leading corporations.

 We regularly combine our vast network and experience to facilitate bespoke solutions catering to a wide variety of client needs.


If you think our expertise can be of service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

High net worth individuals

Our highly qualified team facilitates a superior solution for high net worth kidnap prevention and response. 

We leverage our extensive relationships with government, military and private agencies to ensure our clients get the absolute best.


Our bespoke solution can ensure the safety of high-risk individuals, and their families when at home and abroad. We can also offer risk assessments, training, and a direct 24/7 response line. For more information please call  (+230) 548 22394.

Our services


Kidnap and crisis response

Our group has extensive first-hand strategic and operational experience.

We have successfully resolved hundreds of international incidents, kidnappings and extortion threats. We are capable of responding to a wide range of threats in a professional and proportionate manner. We provide a 24/7 contact line for enquiries or immediate responses.


If you need assistance, please call (+44) 020 8050 2939

Risk analysis, intelligence and threat monitoring

The most significant measure to prevent incidents is an in-depth assessment of potential risks and their probability.

Our team provides effective risk identification and monitoring for individuals and organisations requiring bespoke risk management. Our solutions combine thorough analysis with local intelligence, allowing us to facilitate effective international service. 


Incident prevention and preparation training

Advance training allows businesses to respond decisively in a crisis, enhancing the chance of a positive outcome.

Our network contains some of the industry's leading experts in risk assessment, security and crisis management. We can improve your organisation's risk management capabilities by educating individuals on risk identification and response. Our methods have a proven track record of facilitating positive outcomes.

Planning and policy implementation

We work with your organisation to make sure you have the appropriate structures in place, with clear procedures to help contain and respond to an incident. 

SJ Group International will work with you to draft new plans or review existing ones, ensuring that they adequately address the key challenges and are in line with industry best practice.


Physical protection and cybersecurity

No effective security strategy is complete without a last-line of defence such as physical protection and armed response.

Our team can assist with the implementation of concrete measures to ensure the security of individuals and property. SJ Group also provides cybersecurity assessments and complete technical implementation.

If you need assistance, please call (+44) 020 8050 2939

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