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Our Partner Companies: Kidnap and Extortion Risk Management

SJ Group International work alongside some of the best organisations within their chosen industry. We only selected those with the highest standards to be our associates.

Securitatem Consultancy

Providing unrivalled safety through security and law enforcement training, services, and tradecraft. 

Securitatem Consultancy is an international security specialist, focused on delivering consistent high-quality safety solutions to prominent private clients, from the world of corporate, finance, film, music, and family offices. 


With over 300 collective years of UK Law enforcement experience, Securitatem Consultancy delivers a comprehensive range of bespoke services including security reviews, risk assessments, cyber, close protection, security training, and event security. 

Securitatem Consultancy offers the highest standard of service, combining the utmost professionalism, discretion, and precision. 

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